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For the 20 years of the company's existence, A Group has constructed hundreds of food processing plants and facilities all over the world under the brands of ANA GROUP and SAS TECHNOLOGY.

In 1993 SAS TECHNOLOGY designed and constructed the first modular flour plant in the world. Ever since this single-storey, fully automated, financially lean and short time self-liquidate innovation has been adopted and implemented by a great many of manufacturers all over the world, thus reaching a large customer potential.

A Group always makes its ambitious and innovative spirit work for our customers' prosperity and success. Our knowledge, experience and creativity join in a perfect union to meet both efficiency and aesthetics requirements of our clients.

We offer the following services:

  • on-site consultation and supervision of the building by our specialists;
  • prompt preparation of the preliminary project design;
  • providing a complete project documentation;
  • technical offer and complete documentation package preparation;
  • joint examination and analysis of the operating facility upon demand;
  • sales manager or representative visit to the client's location for consultation as well as contract negotiation or conclusion.
  • equipment and machinery supply and delivery;
  • machinery installation and commissioning;
  • aftersales service.

Not only is it our ambitious, daring and flexible market approach that distinguishes A Group from our competitors, it is also our creative and reformist nature that emphasizes the difference.