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The key to our success lies in the collaboration of the world's premium technology and trends as well as innovative vision, united together in a whole-hearted commitment to fulfill our customers' needs, dreams and expectations.

A Group designs and constructs food industry facilities and plants in accordance with our clients' quality, production and storage requirements that are first processed into related diagrams. These diagrams also include such factors as metric area, infrastructure and social facilities, and serve as the basis for the project development.

Our company is in partnership with leading German, Dutch and Italian machinery manufacturers and uses only the latest technologies and equipment as well as technical and electronic facilities for production control and support.

Among our customers there are companies from numerous regions of such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Algeria and Mongolia and each of them receives an individual approach.

Our customers trust in our experience and rely on the high-quality technology and our powerful business image on the market.